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How to get started with FanCop™? Guide for individuals.

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1. Register and log in, our system, FanCop™, if for free!

If you want to gain fans or delegate a task to the system's users, You need an account. Sign up with this the registration form by entering your email address. On this address You will receive a one-time confirmation link to create an account plus a random password (which You can always change in Tour account settings). For a successful registration you get free points! :-) In FanCop™ we have a rule that all you need is delivered for free and additionally You can earn some money.

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2. To promote Your pages in the system (to gain fans) You need points!

To gain fans for Your pages and delegate a task, You need points. Each click on "Like" or +1 costs a certain amount of points. The cost ratio is given in (upper left top side), for example: Like 7/10 means that for every click on Your Like button, the system charges You 10 points, and when You click on someone's Like, You get 7 points. Points are a one-time - a kind of "system's virtual currency".

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3. Do You want to earn points by clicking on others pages?

The easiest way to get points is to browse pages of other users and click on what interests You. To be able to click on "Like", You must specify an Facebook™ profile address which You are going to use for clicking. To click on +1, You must specify the address of Your Google™ Profile. You can always check the shown page and decide whether click or ignore it. There is an upper limit of clicks You can give a day.

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4. You can also realize interesting tasks and earn some points.

Another way to earn points is realizations of issued task. Tasks are issued by other usesr (sometimes issued by FanCop™ owners), rewards are different, from a few to hundreds of points - considerably more than for clicking! The task may be, for example writing a review about a product, an opinion, vote in the contest, and much, much more. Select a task, read the description and do it. You can always withdraw from the task that you like, but the tasks are confidential. You can not write about them or talk outside the system.

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5. You can buy points from us or other users. (Buy points)

If for some reason You do not have time/desire/need to click on Like/+1 or do some tasks to earn points, buy them! :-) The system has been selling points, and payments are handled by Dotpay, so the points You get almost immediately after the payment. From time to time there are also promotions on packages of points. Premium accounts (Active, Business) will get a discount (eg. 30%) for the purchase of points from the system. Points can also be bought from other users on the inner market, and You alone can sell points and earn some cash

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6. Do You have a points? Time to gather fans! +1 and Like. (Gain fans)

Once You have needed points, You can start promoting Your pages. At the appropriate pages add the addresses of Your pages You wish to gather +1/Like on. These addresses system puts into the "Like" and +1 in FanCop™ clickboxes. Remember to edit the settings for Your addresses. In addition to assigning a specific number of points, You can also determine the category, daily increase of points, or determine to whom the page will show up (gender, age, type of profile). Thanks to these settings, ppl who Liked/+1'ed Your pages fit their content better! When you assign an appropriate number of points, the system will add Your address (or addresses) to the pool of random sites to click.

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7. Learn what are the benefits of having fans! (Income!)

The more fans You get, the better for You! With the categories of interest and ability to chose Your fans, You can easily get the real fans who actually care about the content of Your site. In addition, those who click are picking what to click on by themselves, so the possibility of getting a valuable fan is higher. The mere fact of increasing the number of fans in +1/Like buttons helps Your pages to get better rank in the search engines and also has a positive effect on traffic, additionally informing Internet users that the page is actually popular and well liked by people.

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8. Explore the possibilities of the FanCop™!

FanCop™ has many other funcionalities, like: selling points, accumulation, converting the types of points, Premium Account, transfers of points, and finally Tasks. Each in its way is easy to use. Mastering the system takes a few moments, each module has its own clear tutorial. We are the first and the largest Polish system of social recommendations. You have come to the best such system over the Internet.So go on, we are waiting for you, register now! :-)

P.S. Remember, We are for You. You are always welcomed here! Users matter the most for us! :-)

If you represent a company, see what benefits from using our system. The synergistic action of 10,000 people who work with us on Your and our success, can be very useful for You!