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1. Informations about FanCop™ for beginners.

1.1. What exactly is FanCop™?

The system is used to gain Google™ +1s and Facebook™ fans (Like). With FanCop™, You can get hundreds of +1s and fans in a short time! It is very important because it is the fastest and cheapest way to promote your website. System is for free!
Thanks to FanCop™ You can also earn some money! The system provides the possibility of transferring points, so You can sell them to other users.

1.2. What is Google™ +1 and why it's important for You?

+1 button lets You recommend interesting and exciting sites to Your friends. These relations are very important in Google™ rankings. If you have Your own website on the Internet, the value of +1s of Your website is very important. Thanks to +1s, other people will find Your website much easier and faster. The more +1s Your website has, the higher is it's position in the search engine. Additionally, Your website will be much higher in the search results of those who are closer in relation to the users who clicked +1. See what Google™ tells us about their invention:

1.3. What is Facebook™ Like and why it's important for You?

"Like" is the biggest network of social recommendations on Facebook™. It is with this idea, Facebook™ has become the largest social networking site in the world. FanCop™ gives You a huge amount of "Like" and thus indirectly provides the traffic on Your websites. This is the easiest way to promote Your website, and in addition, it is completely free.

The "Like" was introduced by Facebook in April 2010 and today we can't imagine this site without it. "Like" provides us with the easiest way to express an opinion on comment, post, article, photograph, film, etc. Just one click and Your friends know what You like, since the information about liked material is posted on Your Facebook™ board.

The more "Likes" You have, the better for You, especially if You use them to promote Your company's website or on Facebook™ Fanpage. Every person who likes Your site provides it's own array to display Your messages so this is a brilliant tool for word of mouth marketing. Just one entry on Your website, and from now all the fans can see it on Facebook™. In addition, friends of Your fans find You much easier, even though they did not previously know about Your existence.

1.4. How does the FanCop™ work?

Each user can add pages on which she/ho want to increase the quantity of "Like" and Google™ +1. All You have to do is add such page to the system and assign as much points as You want. Assigning points allows Your page to appear for others in their clickbox. To earn points, You click on +1 and "Like" of other users' pages. Simply put - people click on Your pages, in return, that You click on their. FanCop™ is a system that draws social recommendations, matching drawn pages to Your interests.

1.5. Why You can't use other such systems simultaneously?

Using other systems is prohibited , because their activity affect destructively the draw algorithm of FanCop™ and destroys our system from the inside. You have to make a choice - FanCop™ (99% market of clicks) or other systems (1% of the market of clicks). We hope that this is the obvious choice for You.

We decided for such a radical step, because:

  • If Your website is added to two systems at the ame time - it won't mean that You will haves twice as many clicks. Instead, it means that with the first click You have obtained a +1/Like, and with the second click You have lost that +1/Like because user has "decliced" the button. So, in the end You lose points twice gaining nothing..
  • If You click with the same accounts in other systems, You may create the scenario we described above. Because of this risk, if we catch You on the act, we will have to lock Your account (ban You) and take all the points You have earned.

2. How to start with FanCop™?

2.1. Registration in the system

Beginning will take You just a second! Registration is very simply. All You have to do is go to our website http://en.fancop.com/ and click on the "Register" button on the upper right side of our website. On the registration page, just enter Your email adress and click on the black button near the field. An email will be sent, containing an account activation link and the generated random password. When you click on the link Your account will be activated and can from now on You may log in by using Your address as Your login and a random password You received. After logging in you can change the password anytime by clicking on the "Change Password" in the menu on the right.

2.2. Submitting an Google™ account to unlock the ability to click on +1s and earn Plus points.

To earn Plus points, you must have an Google™ account with Plus profile. Once you have a Google™ Account (Gmail), go to the Account Settings and enter your profile address.

2.3. Submitting an Facebook™ account to unlock the ability to click on "Like" and earn Like points.

To earn Like points, you must have an Facebook™ account with Like profile. Once you have a Facebook™ Account, go to the Account Settings and enter your profile address.

2.4. What You need to know before You start Your jorney with our system?

The most important thing of which You must remember is to not use Your Google™ and Facebook™ accounts in other systems. This could lead to ban of Your account on our system FanCop™ due to possibly destructive activity.

3. Points and how to earn them.

3.1. What types of points are available on FanCop™?

We have two types of points. The first type, Plus, is earned with every click on +1 You do in our clickbox. The second one, Like, is earned with every click on Like in our clickbox. Every time when You click on +1/Like of the drawn page, You will get fixed value of points.

3.2. For what do I need points?

Points are spend on every +1/Like You can get here, therefore, if You want to increase the value of +1/Like on Your websites, fanpages, blogs and eveyrthing else, You need points. Go to "My Plus pages" for Plus (+1) and "My Like pages" for Like and assign points to pages that You added. Note: One +1/Like costs 10 points.

3.3. What does the ratio mean? Eg 5/10?

First value, 5, means that for every click on +1 or Like You will earn 5 Plus or Like points. You can increase this value up to 7 thanks to Loyal account or by upgrading to premium subscriptions - Active or Bussines.

Second value, 10, means that each +1 or Like will cost You 10 points. For instance, if You assign 1000 Plus points, You will get 100 +1.

4. +1, Like and Your rank in search engine (SEO)

4.1. How does the value of +1s affect the position in Google™ and traffic on Your website?

The higher the value of Google™ +1 is, the position in search results is higher. Effect of +1 is the greatest for those who clicked on it, slightly less for such person's friends, far less for distant friends and small for strangers. Given the diversity of backgrounds, interests and the number of FanCop™ users, we cover a huge amount of friends and circles of friends in Google™. Therefore, the more +1s, the better for You and Your website!

4.2. How does the value of "Like" affect the position in Facebook™ and traffic on Your website?

Facebook™'s search engine is based on social recommendations and analysis of Users' behavior. Fanpages are sorted by the number of fans. This means, that obtaining as many as possible fans from different enviroments is very important for Your fanpage's position on Facebook™'s search.

Similar algorithms guide external positioning of the external address on Facebook™. The more fans and the more of them are Your friends, the higher Your website will be in search results. Search redirects so positioned links right on Your page.

A large value of "Like" for external links (direct addresses of Your pages), indirectly aids Your position in Google™ and every other search engine which is analyzing incoming links. This is because that You are getting links and redirects directly from the Facebook™ profiles.

4.3. Will Google™ remove gained +1s?

If you are using our system in an irresponsible manner, ie the number of fans gained in the system is greater than the quantity of visits on Your site, or the +1s grow in unnatural manner, or the distance between Your clicks are too short, You can expect that Google™ will remove Your +1s. FanCop™. You should use our tools with a huge doze of responsibility.

Remember that the value +1s in the cloud is lower than the actual number of social recommendation gained thanks to FanCop™. Check the real value of +1s in Google Webmaster Tools. Only this panel should be regarded as a relatively reliable source of information. Charts on Webmaster Tools will clearly prove that no +1s gained here are removed.

5. For companies and agencies - getting Likes and +1s.

5.1. What is the difference between FanCop™ and "fan sales" from eBay and other places?

Offers like "Buy 100,000 fans" mean a completely different methodology of acquiring fans. By unknown and suspicious methods large amounts of fans are generated and to make it worse, those accounts were made only for that purpose. Such generated fans will never become Your customer or the concerned person, because they simply don't exist.

FanCop™ is a system that associates interests with the subjects and content of fanpages. The number of fake accounts is very low, because our system was created for the user. There is a chance of getting a fan that will become Your client or active member.

Of course, our system can also be seen as a quick "seed", which means: fast gain of a large initial number of fans, who will encourage others to click on. This method also makes sense, but fans acquired through FanCop™ have higher value.

FanCop™ allows You to specify the target group related to a specific category of interest, such as sport, automotive, beauty, film, music etc.

5.2.Can users define the target group of fans?

FanCop™ allows You to specify the category for every page added to the system. Thus, we strive to make the most accurate matching of their interests. In practice this means that the value of fan obtained here is much higher than the fan obtained accidentally.

5.3. How many fans can You get?

With help of our system You can get any number of fans and the one and only limit is the number of active FanCop™ users. You can see system's stats here.

5.4. Is it possible to buy Plus/Like points directly from the system?

Yes, You can buy Plus and Like points directly from us here.

6. Making money thanks to FanCop™.

6.1. Points sales

FanCop™ allows You to sell earned points. You can sell them on our inner market or somewhere outside and transfer points on buyer's account. You can find more about our inner market here.

6.2. Partnership programm

Partnership Program allows You to receive extra points in exchange for recommending our system to others. For every click of users that registered with Your reflink, You will receive one point during their first 100 days from the date of its registration in the system.

Participation in our Partnership programm also helps You gain an Loyal account, characterized by an increased ratio and a few other bonuses.


FAQ - shorter version.

Deleting an account.

If You want to delete Your account from our system, please send a message by using the contact form.

The number of fans in +1 cloud is lower than the value of clicks/consumed points, why?

Number of +1s, unfortunately, will almost always be slightly lower. This may be caused due the following reasons:
- Stabilisation of datacenters (note that with ever next update, the value of +1s made here quickly jumps between several numbers, eg: 50, 45, 30, 0, 55)
- Incorrectly installtion of the +1 code on the website. You can try both versions: http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/
- Someone deleted +1 - we can't exclude that possibility, we estimate that a few percent of people unfortunately delte +1s. We are constatly banning such accounts.
- The use of several systems at the same time (most important) - the part of websites and users is common, so if You add a page in FanCop™ and someone clicks on it here, the same user will declick Your page on another system. Therefore, the use of FanCop™ together with other systems is prohibited.
We are working on efficient moderating algorithms to find all declicking users. Our team strives to make the ratio of stable clicks as close to 100% as possible, although at the moment, if we take into account all the possible turmoil, it oscillates at the level of 85-95%, which is a very good result.
Less +1 vale than the value in column "clicks" also arises from the fact that Google™ does not show 100% of +1 value. To find out real value, go to the Google Webmaster Tool - you'll see that You have many more than value presented in cloud.

How to check the real value of +1 button (cloud)?

To check the number of +1s, go to the address https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ and login, select the domain (if You do not have it, then add it), then navigate to the left, expand "Statistics 1 "and click on" Activity ". Select "All +1" above the graph. Please note: whether the number of +1s is visible or not, is meaningless from a technical point of view of seo. The most important are the numbers in Webmaster Tools, and they affect Your position.
Note: A website tha you promote must have +1 button and at least one click that took place on this website. From then GWT will show all gathered +1.

Like button shows lower value than the value of clicks/consumed points, why?

Facebook™ filters new likes and verifies them, thats why it may happen that new clicks on Like will appear later, sometimes after a few days. Additionally, be aware that Facebook™ has a lot of datacenters and just as in the case of Google™, the synchronization between all of them is done once in a while. If You still have doubts, You can check the amount of fans here: http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/

When I click on Like button, button restarts, why?

Some websites or adresses are prohibited or banned on Facebook™. Sometimes button will restart and You will be unable to like something because You have reached the limit of Likes.

Does Google™ remove +1s?

If You are irresponsible, eg the nquantity of gained +1s is higher than the real number of visits, then Google™ will possibly remove all +1s.

The value of +1/Like does not move, nobody is clicking on my pages! Why?

It is possible, because normally we have much higher number of promoted pages than the number of clickers. Sometimes one or two categories have very low number of clickers. Also, if Your pages have been here for a while, naturally the daily number of new fans will decrease, because most of our clickers are very loyal.
As an user You can reccommend our system to the others, so the number of clickers will constantly grow. Check our Partnership programm.

How does the FanCop™ work?
Everyone can add their pages in order to get more fans. To make it happen, users are adding their pages and assigning as many points as they need. Such pages are then randomly drawn and inserted in approporiate buttons in clickboxes of our system so other users are clicking on them, thus becoming fans.

What does the ratio of 5/10 mean?

First value, 5, means that for every click on the Plus/Like button You will earn 5 points. You can increase this value to 7 thanks to the Loyal account or by buying an premium account. The second value, 10, means that for ever click on Your pages, You pay 10 points, so, in other words, every +1/Like gained here, costs 10 points.

What are those Plus and Like points?

These points allow You to obtain more +1s and Likes for Your pages in our system.

How can I earn Plus and Like points?

You can earn them by clicking on +1/Likes in our system. Go to "Earn Plus points" or "Earn Like points" or just simply click from the main page, You have clickbox there. In order to be able to click on those buttons, You have to submit Your Google™ and Facebook™ profile links in account settings.

Can I add erotic/gambling websites?

Yes, as long as the content is not prohibited by the Polish law. Also, cost of every click for these websites is doubled.

How does the Partnership program work?

Recommendations of our system will bring You many benefits. Currently, each user will generate for You 1 point for every click. For example, You have 10 referrals, each clicked 100 times in Google™ +1. You will recieve a total of 1000 Plus points.