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SEO in Google™ Maps - Case Study

SEO in Google™ Maps - TARGET

Help Your company's position in the Google™ Maps™ by quickly getting positive comments from the audited Google™ accounts. If you'd like to improve Your company's rank in Google™ search results for local keywords (positioning in Google™ Maps™), we invite You to use our system, FanCop™ to immediately get a positive feedback. Number of opinions about the added address (ie the place of business) translates relatively to company's position in search results. After the verification on Google Maps™, from the start of the campaign, good position appears in a few days! This is ideal for companies involved in the SEO professionally or for people who want to improve their search engine rankings on their own.

SEO in Google™ Maps - ACTIONS

Before launching the campaign in the CanCop™, You need to create a place on Google™ Places™ . Search engine verifies each address manually by sending an envelope with Your PIN by traditional mail. The verification process takes approximately 3 weeks, the alternative is a phone verification. If Your place is already added, You can skip to the next paragraph.

The first step is to create a task in our system. The main objective of this task should be adding a positive opinion of Your company. You may freely moderate opinions by giving them any kind of the requirements (number of characters, specific words, etc.). We suggest to present a positive view of Your company at this stage, so that the reviews were positive in the natural and legitimate manner.

The second step is to assign a certain number of points, which will be given to each person who completes Your task. Verification of the task allows You to feel more confident that only those users who do the task will receive a reward.

The third step is a verification of the task. Every contractor will write a small report, containing an opinion. If that opinion meets the parameters listed in Your task, You are obligated to accept their task and issue a positive opinion. Reward will be automtially transferred to the contractor. Please note that Your review is also judged by the contractors, and delays in issuing the assessment will result in a negative recommendation to You as the Customer, so subsequent users may not want to work with You.

SEO in Google™ Maps - EFFECT

Within a week, we collected the required 50 positive comments which resulted in the first place on the list of the promoted company in the local Google™ search results.


Total cost of the Campaign: 5000 points 59,99 PLN
Cost per 1 Comment: 100 points 1,20 PLN
Campaign effect: 50 Opinions
1st place
Campaign duration: 7 days

Task has a nature of an auction. Increasing the amount of the unit cost will give a faster effect and encourages users to be more involved. Therefore, the presented case study is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the above values are approximate and based on our experience.