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Naming - Case Study

Naming - TARGET

Obtaining the largest possible number of potential names for the new product, service or brand. If You are looking for an interesting, catchy name for services or products, or You chose to support Your ideas with the opinion of FanCop™ users, issue a task in our system. This solution is ideal for Naming Agencies, or for those who want to save on them. :-)

Naming - ACTIONS

The first step is to create a task in our system. The main objective of this task should be adding a positive opinion of Your company. You may freely moderate opinions by giving them any kind of the requirements (number of characters, specific words, etc.). We suggest to present a positive view of Your company at this stage, so that the reviews were positive in the natural and legitimate manner.

The second step is to assign a certain number of points, which will be given to each person who completes Your task. Verification of the task allows You to feel more confident that only those users who do the task will receive a reward.

The third step is a verification of the task. Every contractor will write a small report, containing an opinion. If that opinion meets the parameters listed in Your task, You are obligated to accept their task and issue a positive opinion. Reward will be automtially transferred to the contractor. Please note that Your review is also judged by the contractors, and delays in issuing the assessment will result in a negative recommendation to You as the Customer, so subsequent users may not want to work with You.

While issuing a Naming task in our FanCop™, it is worth to mention that:

  • FanCop™ gives You the ability to precisely define the amount of expected results (Names), the number of names that may come up with a User (repetitions), the involvement of the daily (Repeats daily). This allows You to receive fresh, unique names from many people.
  • Users work for Your convenience in exchange for points, so use their time!
  • At the stage of issuing a task, it is worth to describe the way of transferring the copyright and property rights of a invented name to keep the comfort of a clear legal Law situation in the future..

Naming - EFFECT

Within 14 days we received over 200 valid names in line with the requirements of the person creating the task (in this case the name must have an additional free domain website). Each name had a cost of 100 points, which during that time, was equal to 0.50 PLN netto.

Thanks to this base of names, our project team identified the only possible way of creating a new name, which is acceptable by the users. This allowed for the creation of a simple, unequivocal, the international name of the System - FanCop™, which was liked by the current users, and encouraged the new registration. Total cost of the operation: 100 PLN netto.


Total cost of the Campaign: 20000 points 169,99 PLN
Koszt jednostkowy za 1 Nazwę*: 100 points 0.85 PLN
Campaign effect: 200 names
Campaign duration: 10 days

Task has a nature of an auction. Increasing the amount of the unit cost will give a faster effect and encourages users to be more involved. Therefore, the presented case study is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the above values are approximate and based on our experience.