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Word of mouth - Case Study

Word of mouth - TARGET

Obtaining the entries in the online forums, that will support our views, promote our service or product. With the synergistic action of 10.000 FanCop™ system users, each of which - as an appropriate reward - devotes a few minutes a day to work on Your success. You can get a powerful sale and image effect.

Word of mouth - ACTIONS

Creation of a tasks, that rewards each user who will post an entry on the forum, or write an article in the indicated place.

Please take a look at all our tips on word of mouth marketing campaign:

  • No ideas? - if You don't know the best place where You can promote Your products, simply, do not mention any. Users, while promoting Your business, eg. auto parts, will independently search for the leading and niche automotive websites. On the other side of the screen, there are thousands of people, take advantage of their experience.
  • Natural word of mouth - You can define forms of expression and opinions that users should write. However, we suggest that, at this stage, not to suggest the correct or incorrect style, and don't require too much of sweet opinions. Comments should be as natural as possible.
  • Marketing kryzysowy - thanks to the users of FanCop™, You can get out of any crisis, negatively affecting Your image. The 10 negative opinions may be daily opposed even by 100 thousand of positive ones. Just point the URLs where users have to speak and to determine what sentences should be written.
  • Określanie serwisów do marketingu szeptanego - You can specify a group of sites within which should new entries and comments appear as well as specfic landing pages of threads (topics) that should be commented. It is also permitted to comment on any new articles that appear within the major portals.
  • Campaign planning - You can specify how many comments a day Youwant to get, how many comments can a single (unique) user write to ensure that You have their diversity.
  • Links in content - You can require, that the comments include links in the text, and thus influence the SEO of Your website.
  • Additional requirements - eg. minimal amount of posts, date of registration.

Word of mouth - EFFECT

Massive amount of posts on message boards will significantly affect Your image online, and in turn promotion and sale of Your products and services. Is is also a very effective tool for counteracting the action of the competition in the terms of black PR. Entries by regular users of the forum, visible and popular articles, many comments etc. effectively smuggle into the consciousness of the message Your potential customer by. A diagram below presents a typical campaign expenses.


Total cost of the Campaign: 50000 points 399,99 PLN
Cost per 1 comment*: 100 points 0.80 PLN
Campaign effect: 500 comments
Campaign duration: 14 days

Task has a nature of an auction. Increasing the amount of the unit cost will give a faster effect and encourages users to be more involved. Therefore, the presented case study is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the above values are approximate and based on our experience.