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Acquiring Fans - Case Study

Acquiring Fans - TARGET

An invitation to our fanpage on Facebook™ to the targeted group of fans, or getting a recommendation on Google™ +1. If our goal is to interest otwhers with our fanpage or the company's page, the ideal tool for achieving these goals will be our FanCop™. The number of +1 clicks affects the personalized (but not only) rank in Google™ search results, so FanCop™ is also a great tool for SEO.

Acquiring Fans - ACTIONS

The first step is to purchase a needed amount of points that we want to spend on promoting our page. Number of points is directly proportional to the number of people who we want to recommend our site. It was assumed that 1 click = 10 points (standard category). Points can be purchased on the inner market from Users (Market) or directly from FanCop™ which delivers points instantly after payment.

The second step is to add the address of our page to our account on the system. We can do it on the "My Like pages" or "My Plus pages." pages.

At this stage it is worth to note, that:

  • If You add Your page to "My Like pages", the clicking users become You fan, and from this point will follow the activity of Your fanpage (advertising entries, photos, comments, etc).
  • If You add Your page to "My Plus pages", the clicking users become Your observators and help Your SEO.
  • If You add Your page to "My Like pages", the clicking users will aid Your page to get a better rank in Facebook™'s search engine. More fans = fanpage is higher.

The third step is to select from the available list of categories, the ones that in the best possible way, describe the added page. The categorisation supports targeting. When categories are set, we assign specified number of points, which will be used to promote the page. FanCop™ allows to personalize the way of inviting, growt of fans, etc. For each consumed 10 points You get 1 click in page.

Acquiring Fans - EFFECT

Within one month we received over 1,000 fans on our fanpage. The number of fans grew naturally, using the option of "daily increase". Each fan cost us 10 systems points, which is equal to 0.05 PLN.

Thanks to this fast way You will get the specified number of fans whos nature will be connected to the nature of Your page.


Total cost of the Campaign: 10000 points 99,99 PLN
Cost per 1 Fan: 10 points 0.10 PLN
Campaign effect: 1000 Fans
Campaign duration: 30 days

It may happen that some users will delete +1/Likes connected with You pages or that click comes from a fictional profile - we estimate that they represent 10% of all the users. Number of clicks shown "in the cloud" may deviate from the real number of clicks, which results from the construction of social systems and search engines. Therefore, the presented case study is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and values presented aboveare approximate and based on our experience.