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Market research - Case Study

Market research - TARGET

Obtaining opinions on advertising messages, strategy or product from the potential group clients. We invite You to issue a needed task in our system, if You want to see what opinions on Your product, or strategy or the advertising message others can give. FanCop™ can be used as a cheaper altarnative for expensive researches.

Market research - ACTIONS

The first step is to create a task in the FanCop™, which requires the user to provide You with honest and constructive opinion on the specified objective. Task may relate to a product, service or advertising message (eg, advertising film).

The second step is to decide what size should the reward be. The higher the reward, the users will be more inclined to quickly and reliably perform the task and provid You with their insights and constructive criticism. At the time of issuing tasks, system reserves points needed for it's execution and unused points are returned to You. The FanCop has two currencies: Like points and Plus points - they have similar value. Points can be purchased on the open inner market from Users or directly from FanCop™ which delivers points instantly after payment.

The third step is a verification of the task. Every contractor will write a small report, containing an opinion. If that opinion meets the parameters listed in Your task, You are obligated to accept their task and issue a positive opinion. Reward will be automtially transferred to the contractor. Please note that Your review is also judged by the contractors, and delays in issuing the assessment will result in a negative recommendation to You as the Customer, so subsequent users may not want to work with You.

Market research - EFFECT

Within a week we received more than 70 opinions. Every opinion has cost of 150 points, which gave us the cost per one equal to PLN 0.75 netto, which is much cheaper than researches.

Market research - COSTS OF THE CAMPAIGN

Total cost of the Campaign: 10500 points 103,95 PLN
Cost per 1 Report: 150 points 1,49 PLN
Campaign effect: 70 Reports
Campaign duration: 3 days

Task has a nature of an auction. Increasing the amount of the unit cost will give a faster effect and encourages users to be more involved. Therefore, the presented case study is not an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code, and the above values are approximate and based on our experience.